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Balmy Caribbean waters, cosmopolitan cities and dreamscape fjords, there’s no shortage of wonder to discover as you cruise across Central and South America with Scenic Eclipse.

Tracing a path through perfectly preserved colonial cities, epic mountains and remote islands teeming with birdlife, your time on board the World’s First Discovery Yachts™ lets you experience the stunning expanse of Central and South America like never before. Marvel at the proud musical and dance heritage of the locals in Colombia’s Utria National Park with the Scenic Enrich experience as part of our Panama & Colombia Discovery itinerary.

Handpicked by Scenic Journey Designers, each of our exclusive activities and excursions ensure your time in Central and South America is one of complete 6-star luxury. From the smallest features to the most opulent of delights, every aspect of our itineraries has been handcrafted so you experience these amazing parts of the continent to their fullest.

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Discover - Panama

tropical jungle on a beach

From exploring the old town of Casco Viejo, to tasting divine, delectable Geisha coffee (local to Panama), spending time in the stunning destination of Panama City lets you take in a slice of true Central American culture.

Transiting the Panama Canal is just one of the awe-inspiring experiences you’ll have while cruising along Central and South America’s coastline. Tropical, verdant and buzzing with wildlife, the unique bird and marine life of the jungles and islands are yours to discover by Zodiac and kayak. Experience unique encounters as you connect with Embera and Kuna communities.

Enjoy sailing through the three locks, where Scenic Eclipse will descend 27 metres. Take in the amazing views from your 6-star vantage point as you enjoy the unrestricted luxury that only Scenic Eclipse can offer.

Discover - Brazil

rio de janeiro at sunset

Brazil is a vibrant, exciting and thrilling country. With enough to satisfy every type of traveller, Brazil offers enough variation to give you an in-depth insight into South American life. From the sheer natural beauty of Iguazú Falls, with its cascading water flowing through ‘Devil’s Throat’, to the lively and unpredictable nature of Rio de Janeiro, including Christ the Redeemer and the most famous beach in the world: Copacabana Beach.