Scenic° Club FAQs

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The Scenic Loyalty Program
Q. Are Scenic Status Points based on nights or days travelled?
A. Points accumulation is calculated on days travelled.
Q. How can I calculate Scenic Status Points for a future cruise or tour?
A. An online Scenic Status Points calculator will soon be available. In the meantime, please use the Scenic Status Points table located here or contact our Team.
Q. How can I find out my current Scenic loyalty tier and Scenic Status Points?
A. Your Scenic Status Points balance and loyalty status will appear at the top of each marketing email you receive from us. If you do not have an email address or have unsubscribed, you will need to contact us.
Q. What happens to my Scenic Status Points calculation if I am upgraded? (i.e. booked in a Standard Suite and upgraded to a Balcony Suite)

Generally, Scenic Status Points are calculated on your Suite category at the time of departure. Depending on the circumstance, you may not always be awarded the higher earning rate.

Q. With the new voucher extension duration of 24 months, does this apply to all Scenic loyalty tiers?
A. Yes, all guests can redeem vouchers up to 24 months after returning home from a cruise or tour.

General Questions And Applications
Q. Can I apply to join the Scenic Club?
A. Membership is restricted to those who have previously toured with Scenic.
Q. Will I have my own membership number or share it with a partner?
A. Each guest has their own individual membership number and accumulates Scenic Status Points based on days they have taken on an individual basis. 

Scenic Club Membership Tiers
Q. How do I quality for Scenic Club membership tiers?
A. Guests will earn 100 Scenic Status Points for each paid Southeast Asia, Escorted Tour or Scenic Eclipse tour day and 140 Scenic Status Points for each paid Europe River Cruise tour day. Plus additional points for higher spend on premium decks and suite categories, so the more guests spend, the greater the benefits.

- Scenic Gold membership is automatic after you have completed one tour of seven paid tour days or more.
- Scenic Platinum membership is automatic after you have earned 5,000 Scenic Status Points.
- Scenic Diamond membership is automatic after you have earned 10,000 Scenic Status Points.
- Scenic Emerald memberships automatic after you have earned 25,000 Scenic Status Points.

Scenic Emerald, Scenic Diamond and Scenic Platinum
Q. What days count towards the “20 days” requirement for me to receive the extra hotel night before or after my tour?
A. The days, must be paid days. Therefore any unpaid days such as a free stopover or free pre tour nights do not count towards the '20 day' requirement. Any paid days combined in one lot of travel away from home can be counted. For example, if you do back to back tours, the nights of both tours can be added together (a 15 day tour and a 6 day tour equal 21). Equally a tour plus any paid extension that adds to 20 days or more also qualifies.
Q. Will a first time guest or Scenic Gold member be accepted?
A. Yes, only if they are accompanying a Scenic Emerald, Scenic Diamond, Scenic Platinum member on the same itinerary.
Q. Will first time guests and Scenic Gold members receive the same inclusions?
A. Yes, guests confirmed will benefit from all the on tour inclusions.

Q. Do I have to travel to maintain my membership?
A. No. Scenic Gold, Scenic Platinum, Scenic Diamond or Scenic Emerald membership is valid for life and you can only increase your tier status level.
Q. Do I need my membership number when making a booking?
A. No, your details are held electronically on your profile. You will be asked some security questions to verify your identity.
Q. I am missing Scenic Status Points for my prior cruises or tours, how do I get this fixed?
A. Please have these details available and contact us.
Q. I have forgotten my membership number, what do I do?
A. Simply contact us.
Q. I wish to unsubscribe from receiving mail or email from Scenic will I retain my membership
A. Yes, you will maintain your current status. By unsubscribing, you will no longer receive correspondence including Thank You vouchers or New Member kits and associated vouchers. Should you change your mind, we keep your records so we can easily reinstate your record. Simply contact us and our Team will update your record.
Q. Is there a minimum number of days I need to travel to earn Scenic Status Points
A. If you travel with Scenic for less than 6 days you will still earn Scenic Status Points, however you won’t be eligible for any additional loyalty tier benefits, including but not limited to private transfers and luggage. 

Vouchers And Referral Credits
Q. Can I split the value of a Welcome voucher over multiple bookings?
A. No, only one voucher can be applied to each booking.
Q. What is a referral credit?
A. If a Scenic Club member presents a new guest with a Welcome Voucher which is redeemed and deposited, they are entitled to a £25 high street voucher.
Q. What is a Thank You voucher?
A. After returning home from a cruise or tour with Scenic, you will receive a Thank You voucher. This discount can be used for a future bookings and is valid for 24 months from when you complete your previous tour.

- Scenic Gold, Scenic Platinum, Scenic Diamond guests receive €100 off their next tour
- Scenic Emerald guests receive €150 off their next tour

If a guests completes two or more tours which is calculated at 7 paid touring days or more these Thank You vouchers values are doubled.
Q. What is a Welcome voucher?
A. After returning home from a cruise or tour with Scenic, you will receive a Membership kit including a Welcome voucher. This is a discount that you can give to a friend who has not previously travelled with Scenic to apply to a future booking.

- Scenic Gold, Scenic Platinum, Scenic Diamond guests receive a €100 referral voucher
- Scenic Emerald guests receive €150 referral voucher

Q. Can I still book directly with my travel agent?
A. Yes, you can still make your booking with your preferred travel agent.
Q. Do I have to book directly with Scenic to obtain tour member offers?
A. No. We generally recommend that you make your booking with your preferred travel agent. They are well equipped and informed to allow you to make your Scenic reservations. Should you have any remaining enquiries then contact us.

Cancelled Tours
Q. I’ve fully paid for a tour however I now need to cancel and won’t receive a refund. Will this tour count towards my Scenic Club status?
A. Should you cancel a fully paid cruise or tour prior to departure and do not receive a refund, the number of Scenic Status Points for this fully paid tour will count towards your Scenic Club tier status.

EmeraldEXPLORER And Evergreen Memberships
Q. Do tours that I have completed with Evergreen Tours count towards my Scenic Club tier status?
A. No. If you travel with Emerald Waterways or Evergreen Tours, you cannot have that cruise or tour count towards your Scenic Club tier status.

Group Bookings
Q. Do you earn Scenic Status Points when travelling as a part of a group booking?
A. Generally not, please enquire with the Scenic Team here or see your Scenic Agent.

Q. How do I remove myself from the Scenic Club program?
A. Please notify us by email to or contact our Scenic Team. Please note that as a member of Scenic Club that there are no obligations to purchase any additional tours or attend any events. The program is designed to provide extra recognition, offers and service for our guests.
Q. How do I unsubscribe from the Scenic communications?
A. To remove yourself from emails, click the ‘unsubscribe’ link located at the bottom of a Scenic email. Otherwise to remove yourself from our email or mailing lists, call our Scenic Team.

Updating Your Details
Q. How do I update my details?
A. Please contact us and our Team will be able to update your details for you.
If your question has not been fully answered, please get in touch via our Contact Us form.