Scenic Group’s commitment to the Environment and Sustainability

Ensuring a sense of wonder for generations to come

At Scenic, we’re in the business of beautiful destinations. Right from our humble beginnings of hosting tours along Australia’s spectacular Great Ocean Road, enabling guests to enjoy stunning places in all their splendour is why we started doing what we do – and continue to do it today. 
So it’s our priority to make sure the wonderful destinations we visit remain just that; wonderful. This appreciation of the world’s wonder is at the heart of our environmental and sustainability initiatives.

We know that just by visiting our destinations we have an impact on that environment. So we’re constantly looking for ways to minimize this impact locally, whilst doing what we can for the wider environmental challenges the world is facing, too. 

Whether it’s on our fleet of ocean and river ships themselves, within the local communities we explore on our land tours, or across our ground operations in Scenic offices around the world, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint in any way we can. 

We feel it is our duty to continually challenge ourselves, our suppliers and our guests to find new ways of becoming even more sustainable in our everyday lives.
A Scenic ship travelling past a castle
Scenic River Cruising

Sophisticated hull design and analysis ensure low resistance with optimised hull form and appendage design. In combination with structural optimisation and reduced weight result in top-class design in terms of energy efficiency.

There is a complete set of energy saving design features are installed on board all Space-Ships:

  • Power management system that optimises the work of generators and electricity production
  • Using LED lighting throughout the ships, lowering electrical consumption
  • Advanced heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) control systems
  • Energy saving high-glazed glass used in the ships reduces heat transfer and provides natural lighting 

All of the above energy efficiency design features reduce fuel consumption and air emissions. 

On board, advanced wastewater purification systems have been introduced to treat all grey and black water and restore it to close to drinking water quality, this protects the rivers from pollution. 

All of our operations in these sensitive environmental areas will be carried out following strict environmental protocols.

We have employed state-of-the-art solutions for reduction noise and vibration, which have been implemented on all Space-Ships:

  • Main engines and azimuth propulsion unit will be mounted on special vibration and noise-reducing foundations
  • Innovative air cushion systems in “Silent mode” are used for additional reduction of noise and vibration
  • The complete aft section is mounted on flexible damping mounts, to further reduce noise and vibration
Scenic Eclipse in Rovinj, Croatia
Scenic Eclipse

Inbuilt safety and comfort features to minimise the environmental footprint

  • Highly-efficient engines designed to reduce emissions below future global standards
  • Use of Azipod propulsion system – for lowest noise and vibration levels to ensure minimal disturbance to marine life
  • GPS dynamic positioning system allowing the vessel to remain stationary in fragile environments where the use of anchors would damage the seabed
  • Friendly to wider environment - 12% more fuel efficient
  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) installed so any effluent will be high-quality recycled water that can be discharged in sensitive water areas without any restrictions
  • Minimal light pollution through specially designed deck overhang
  • Fuelled with Marine Gas Oil (MGO) – the highest class of marine fuel with the lowest concentration of sulphur and particulates
  • Fully compliant to Polar Code pollution prevention measures and compatible with the strict emission requirements for cruising in the polar regions

Sailing to AECO and IAATO standards:

Scenic Eclipse is being built to adhere to all guidelines set by the AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) and IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), who are both dedicated to promoting and managing responsible, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic and Antarctica regions. 


All our operations in these sensitive environmental areas will be carried out under these strict environmental protocols.